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The Bucket List

Back when I was living in Egypt in 2011, I sat down under a weak ceiling fan (there was no A/C! in June!) and decided to write a bucket list. As an always-ambitious (at least in theory) person, I was surprised that I had never made one sooner. I distinctly remember sitting in 7th-grade health class and being asked to list 5 things that you wanted to accomplish in your life. Everyone else was stumped, or else put things like “get married.” I remember writing down Learn many languages. Live in France. Travel to every country in the world.

In case you haven’t heard of him, Mr. John Goddard (still living, but who has an appropriate mythic/legendary status about him) sat down as a 15-year old boy and wrote out his bucket list. 127 things, to be exact. His list was lifted as though straight out of an Indiana Jones adventure, with treks to the most exotic places on Earth and daring activities listed in such categories as “Climb,” “Swim in” and “Photograph.” What was even more interesting was that Mr. Goddard, at the age of 15, had even more lofty ambitions than simply adrenaline rushes: he wanted to learn, and he wanted to educate. He wanted to “study primitive cultures” of places such as those in the Congo and New Guinea; he wanted to “study native medicines and bring back useful ones,” and “go on a church mission.” His goals were to study mankind and in turn help mankind.

Mr. Goddard has since acheived most of his 127 goals, which is astounding when one thinks about how many miles he has logged in planes, trains, boats, automobiles and, last but not last, feet, to accomplish his worldly goals. I can only imagine the amazing photographs that he has in his collection!

My list which follows below contains 95 things to do; the remaining 5 ( I decided to go to 100) will be added in shall I discover something that is truly amazing or, perhaps, does not exist today (although, personally, if rides to space became commonplace, I still am not sure that I’d be up for it, although shooting to the moon might be tempting). My list might be a little more ‘decadent’ than Mr. Goddard’s (designing an article of clothing? Well, perhaps Mr. Goddard would have liked a good rain coat or snowsuit for his travels!) but I feel that it acurately portrays my goals and desires. After all, I am a nerd and a passionate learner, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy attending a fashion show or a film premiere just as much as visiting the Taj Mahal! (Although, admittedly, the two have different types of gratification). *The 10 countries listed at the end reflect 10 specific locations that I want to visit, not to mention represent the 7 continents minus Antarctica, as I would like to visit every continent.

  1. Visit at least 50 different countries
  2. Live in Paris
  3. Earn an MA in International Relations/Communications, focus on the Middle East and women  achieved 2015
  4. Fly a plane
  5. Learn Arabic
  6. Work for the United Nations
  7. Publish a book/novel
  8. Earn a PH.D
  9. Become fluent in Spanish
  10. Earn the TESOL
  11. Go on a big-game safari in Africa
  12. Write a song for an artist
  13. Professionally translate a work
  14. Join a prominent NGO
  15. Record my family’s history
  16. Give a lecture
  17. Ride an elephant-NOT in a zoo!
  18. Ride a camel in rode a camel through Marrakesh Palmeraie 2014
  19. Pet a tiger/lion pet a baby lion in argentina in 2014
  20. Swim with dolphins
  21. Ride in a hot air balloon
  22. Jump out of a plane
  23. Go scuba diving
  24. Ride a jet ski
  25. Be on TV
  26. Have a ‘perfect day’
  27. Ride in a blimp
  28. Pose for a painter
  29. Attend a fashion show
  30. Visit a real haunted house
  31. Go on a cruise
  32. Create a personal library–get up to at least 50 books
  33. Go on a National Geographic exploration
  34. Attend an opera in vienna 2015
  35. Go dogsledding
  36. Go on an American roadtrip
  37. Be an extra on a film set
  38. Attend the Olympics
  39. Attend a horse/camel race saw camels at racetrack practicing
  40. Go parasailing
  41. Visit Thiers, France
  42. Spend time in a big casino/watch
  43. Tour Hollywood movie sets
  44. Become an expert at something.
  45. Visit a planet observatory
  46. Buy a Volkswagon
  47. Buy a house/apartment
  48. Visit all different religious houses of worship
  49. Raise Basset Hound puppies
  50. Design an article of clothing
  51. Visit a Southern plantation
  52. Work for women’s rights in the Middle East volunteered in bahrain
  53. Visit the Titanic
  54. Have/adopt children
  55. Learn to bellydance/a proper dance
  56. Visit Ellis Island in 2014?
  57. Trace my family’s genealogy
  58. Visit/sleep in a palace
  59. Attend a ballet
  60. Visit Alexandria
  61. Visit Luxor
  62. Walk through a real souk Marrakesh Morocco souqs 2014
  63. Ride in a submarine (Three Spirits ‘hotel?)
  64. Shoot a gun (safely!)
  65. Attend a ceremony for a religion such as Hinduism ashura festival in bahrain 2017!
  66. Stay in an underwater hotel/restaurant (like Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji)
  67. Attend a film premiere
  68. Attend a concert festival Ezoo and EDC!
  69. Go treasure hunting
  70. Go on an anti-gravity spaceship
  71. Explore a sunken ship
  72. Go skywalking—Mt. Nimbus Canada
  73. Meet ‘tribal’ people (i.e., Bushmen of the Kalahari)
  74. Visit a volcano
  75. Zipline in a rainforest
  76. Own a hedgehog, exotic animal
  77. Visit an abandoned town
  78. Take the Orient Express
  79. Go whale watching
  80. Join a community band
  81. Read all the world’s holy books
  82. Learn German
  83. Teach a class (English, French, etc.)
  84. Journey to the North Pole
  85. Climb a tropical mountain
  86. Visit Spain (Ibiza) (went to Barcelona)
  87. Visit Turkey (Istanbul’s Bosporous, Cappadocia)
  88. Visit South Africa( Cape Town)
  89. Visit India (Taj Mahal)
  90. Visit Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
  91. Visit Australia (Outback)
  92. Visit Morocco (Casablanca) (Visited Casablanca, Marrakesh, Rabat, Ourzazate, ait benhaddou in 2014)
  93. Visit Italy (Vatican and Venice) sicily 2017
  94. Visit Japan (Tokyo)
  95. Visit palestine (Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock, Wailing wall, etc.; Masada at the Dead Sea)
  96. ?stay in an ice hotel/go to an ice bar
  97. Visit Coco Chanel’s Rue Cambon apartment
  98. ? balloon ride in the stratosphere a la nyt
  99. ?
  100. ?

Ride in one of those i’m forgetting the name-seats attached to cables that transport you from one place to the next

New York: Visit Coney Island

Visit a tar pit

Visit a salt plain (salar de uyuni bolivia)

J.Pop SummitSanFran

France: Paris Plage, Le Cafe de Chats Neko cafe @ Paris!!, Chambley balloon fest, Paris tunnels (wave painting), La Valle Ladino culture alps; Colmar ville; Pyla sand dune near Arachon; Memorial Dormans in Marne; Riquewihr ville in Alsace; lavnender fields; Mont Blanc;Sisteron and the Rocher de la Baume; Collonges-la-Rouge; Calanque de Sormiou clear water; Calanque d’En-Vau clear water; Fort-la-Latte castle @Cap frehel Brittany; Colmar village

Egypt: Al-rifa’a mosque (farouks tomb), ibn tulun oldest mosque, Shali in Siwa Oasis, Lost City of Heracleion near alex, St. Catherines; Siwa

England: bridge of sighs oxford, Bullring Birmingham Centre mall/Selfridges, Ailsa Craig; St. Hildas Ruins; Eilean Donan – Loch Duich, Scotland; highclere castle aka downtown abbey

Spain: Batalla del Vino – Haro in end of June, Just Ronda cliff, Cadaques ville, tibidabo cathedral @ barca, museo guggenheim koons’ puppy @Bilbao basque pays

Germany: Eltz Castle; Beelitz Heilstatten military hospital in Brandenburg; Schwerin castle; Teufelsberg Devil Mountainradar tower; Tempelhof former airport now parc; Unterwelten Nazi bunkers @ Berlin; Badeschiff floating complex @ Berlin; Black Forest

Mexico: visit cenote with dead mayans at the bottom

united states: Jules Undersea Lodge @ Key Largo; hearst castle; Willard Asylum NY

101 Places to Get Fucked Up before you die: Matador Network

Countries I’ve Visited (in order):

1. Costa Rica (Manuel Antonio) 2003

2. England (London, Bath) 2004

3. Belize (San Pedro/Ambergris Key) 2005

4. France (2 times, all over the country 2007 and 2010, lived in La Rochelle for 4 months)

5. Monaco (Monte Carlo) 2007

6. Puerto Rico (Rincon) 2009

7. Mexico (Cancun) 2010

8. Egypt (5 times, Cairo; Sharm al-Shiekh Oct. 2010; Dec 2010; lived in Cairo for 2 months 2011 and then for another month in Jan. 2012; 2-day visit in Jan 2013)

9. Spain (Barcelona; see above) 2011

10. Germany (Berlin and Munich) 2012

11. Canada (Montreal) 2013

12. Morocco (Casablanca, Marrakesh, Rabat, Ourzazate, ait benhaddou 2014)

13. Argentina

14. Uruguay

15. Austria

16. Hungary

17. Slovakia

18. UAE

19. Bahrain

20. Qatar

21. Kuwait

22. Malta

23. Italy

24. Saudi Arabia

Acheivements I Made Before Creating the Bucket List:

  1. Graduating from college (BA in French, minor in International Studies)
  2. Living abroad (see above countries I’ve visited)
  3. Becoming fluent in French
  4. Seeing the last Wonder of the Ancient World (pyramids; see above)

50 Countries I hope to Visit as Part of my Bucket List

  1. Spain (Ibiza, Alcazar Castle) Visited Spain (Barcelona) in Dec.’11/Jan.’12, NOT Ibiza
  2. Turkey (watch a whirling dervishat rumi’s tomb inkonya or galata mevlevihanesi hall Istanbul’s Bosporous, Cappadocia, Goreme city and nnat’l park, Nevsehir-Kozakli desert, Akdamar Island, Halfeti Tekne Turu, Pamukkale, Suleymaniye/Old City, Bodrum: Halicarnassus Mausoleum and clear waters; visit stone heads @nemrut dagi mount; Hasankeyf ancient town posssible flood;) Dolmabahce palace gate; Topkapi palace @Istanbul
  3. South Africa( Cape Town, River House near Johannesburg; Ponte city apts spacey!@johannesburg; Blombos Cave drawings)
  4. India (Taj Mahal, Rajasthan, Delhi, Jaiselmer, The Oberoi Hotel in Udaipur, Golden Temple Amritsar, Kerala, Bombay; Varanasi burning ghat crematorium on Ganges River; Diwali festival; City Palace @ jaipur)
  5. Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Amazon)
  6. Australia (outback, Great Barrier Reef; pink Lake Hellier)
  7. Morocco (basha court @Casablanca, Marrakech; tannery factories @ Fez, goats in argan trees;Atlas mountains; Aït Benhaddou kasbah;’Chefchaouen blue building town; Essaouira fishing town; Mausoleum of Mohammed V, # Rabat; Sahara Desert; Volubilis )
  8. Italy (Vatican and Venice, Verona, Cinque Terre, Vernazza, Furore, Milan, Levanzo Sicily, Riomaggiore; Mt Vesuvius Zona Rosa; la maddalena sea Sardinia, olive picking; spanish steps in scalinata di trinita dei monti in milan? or rome)
  9. Japan (Tokyo Midtown Galleria @ Tokyo; Hitachi Seaside park;Kawachi Fuji Garden wisterias; Panari Island @ Okinawa clear water; blue pond @ mount meakan)
  10. Israel (Jerusalem; Church of the Nativity @ Bethlehem, Mastrada, Red Sea Star Bar @ Eliat)
  11. United Arab Emirates (Wafi Mall, Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates; Al Mahara underwater dining; The Water Discus @ Dubai, Abu Dhabi; shiekh zayed grand mosque @abu dhabi; try a camelcino)
  12. Saudi Arabia (Medina, Tarut Island)
  13. Jordan (Petra; hadrians triumphal arch @jerash; ma’in canyon)
  14. Afghanistan (Bamiya Buddha site, Kabul)
  15. Lebanon (Beirut. cedars of lebnan)
  16. Iraq (Baghdad, Erbil, Basra, Babylon)
  17. Iran (Azadi tower @Teheran, ali sadr cave canoing, Persepolis)
  18. Oman (Wadi Shab, Sultan Qaboos Mosque, Wadi Bani Khaled swimming hole)
  19. Austria (Hoher Goll, Salzburg, Holstott, Vienna,Schonbrun palace)
  20. Cuba (Havana)
  21. Peru (Macchu Pichu)
  22. Bahamas (Big Major Cay Pig Bay!, Eleuthra waters meet)
  23. Czechoslovakia (the Charles Bridge @Prague, Pohadka toys)
  24. Argentina (Buenos Aires, Cementario de la Recoleta in BA,Rio Azul clear water)
  25. Chile (Easter Islands, Atacama desert)
  26. Ecuador (Galapagos, Illalo extinct volcano)
  27. *Uruguay (Montevideo, Casa Pueblo)
  28. Iceland (Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss Falls)
  29. Ireland (Cork, the Dark Hedges Northern Ireland)
  30. the Netherlands (the old Hague library,Magna Plaza mall @ Amsterdam)
  31. Sweden (subway system; Guiness submarine bar @ Stockholm, The Tree Hotel/cube room; Utter Inn @ Vasteras; ice hotel @ jukkasjarvi)
  32. Greece (Athens, Crete, Mykonos windmills; Corfu clear water; Melissani cave @ Cephalonia)
  33. Malta (Blue Lagoon Bay, Valletta)
  34. Germany (Berlin, ) Visited in December 2012,Berlin and Munich
  35. Russia (Moscow-a restaurant hanging over a bridge; 60 Restaurant;, St. Petersburg, snow tunnel @Kamchatka;Aniva Rock Lighthouse – Sakhalinskaya Oblast, Russia; ostankino tower glass deck )
  36. Norway (Trolls Tongue fjord cliff; Fjord Norway churches; fhaerland book town)
  37. *Azerbaijan (Baku)
  38. Georgia (Tbilisi) The Gergeti Trinity Church, Georgia.//Armenia
  39. Mongolia (Ulaan bator)
  40. China (Hong Kong, the Great Wall,cliffside resto sanyou cave hubei,Zhangye Danxia Landform, Tianzi Mountains, Crescent Lake Dunhuang; bridge of immortals @ Huangshan;Underwater City – Shicheng, China; world’slargest tibetan prayer wheel yunnan/shangri-la  )
  41. *Bhutan (punakha valley)
  42. *Maldives (LIME spa,Sea.Fire.Salt.Sky dining, Subsix,Hilton Conrad)
  43. Cambodia (Angor Wat; TaProhm jungle temple at AngorWat near Siem Reap, bayon temple at angkor thom @ siem reap)
  44. Canada (Montreal, Quebec) Visited July 2013, Montreal
  45. *Madagascar
  46. Kenya (Ngorogoro Crater/Serengeti, Giraffe manor @Nairobi)
  47. Kazakhstan (bayterek goose egg @ Astana, Astana opera)
  48. Belgium (Brussels Belgium flower carpet in August, Tommorowland in end of July; Stadsbestuur van @ Brugges;Chateau Miranda – Celles, Belgium )
  49. New Zealand (Blue Lake clear water,Pupu springs, Middle Earth)
  50. *Mali (Timbouctou)

Short listed:

1. Cypress

2.  Congo

3. Switzerland (zipline over Grindelwald, cable car Stanserhorn mountain; Valle Verzasca clear water, aescher hotel @ azepperland)

4. St. Barths

5. Namibia *sand dunes, Skeleton Coast)

6. Tunisia

7. Singapore (singapore flyer ferris wheel)

8. Croatia (SPlit)

9. Syria (Citadel Salah al-din; tartous faces in stone; Castle of Qal’at Ja’bar; Palmyra; Lattakia waters; Jableh snow-covered; Homs castle; hama water wheels; damascus; Aleppo citadel)

10. Hungary (thermal baths @ Budapest)

11. Yemen (Socotra Island)

12. the Ukraine (Swallow’s Nest Castle; Pripyat town)

13. Nepal (Pangboche/Khumbu; Kathmandu)

14. Senegal (Door of No Return Goree Island, Lake Retba/Retha pink lake,Monument de la Renaissance Africaine in Dakar)

15. Jamaica (

16. colombia (Playa Blanca clear water)

17. Cook Islands Aitatu

18. Vietnam (Tran Thi Ly bridge in shape of dragon spouting fire, My son,Hang Son Doong biggest cave, Hoi An UNESCO city )

19. Fiji

20. Algeria (El Ateuf MzabValley)

21. Libya (Sabratha columns; old Ghademes town; Shahat forest; Acacus mountains;bab al aziziyah Tripoli);Sahara Caravan city of Ghadarmes with WWII bunkers

22. Greenland!

23. Denmark (Faroe Islands)

24. Thailand (wat arun gold temple, Loy krathon yi peng festival in chiang mai withlanterns;buddha wat pho reclining)

25. Ethiopia (Fasiladas Palace @ Gondar; Aksumite stelae @ Aksum; Erta ale volcano/danakali lava lake; Bet Giyorgis rock church @ Lalibela)

26. Qatar (Falcon souq @doha)

27. North Korea (Ryugyong Hotel)

28. Finland (beer floating down vantaa river to helsinki)

29. Pakistan (bibi jawindi sufi shrine in uch sharif

28. uzbekistan (samarkand)


1. Mr. Goddard’s personal web site:

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  1. December 23, 2011 4:07 PM

    This is a very good bucket list! Always fun to aim for things to add more joy to one’s life 🙂

  2. Pink Ninjabi permalink
    February 25, 2012 8:13 PM

    amazing… you have inspired me to create my own. It’s funny how your blog posts match exactly to the questions I have been mulling in my mind now for a few weeks… especially, the bucket list! I have heard about it, but wasn’t sure what it was.. woweee!!! Now me must make up some…..

    • February 28, 2012 10:41 PM

      That’s ironic lol, I guess we are interested in the same things! And yes, Bucket Lists are fun to make….mine is perhaps a bit over-ambitious, but I like to aim high!

      • Pink Ninjabi permalink
        February 28, 2012 11:13 PM

        the higher the better! I just came across these folks who make Bucket Lists come true!

        So don’t give up! I believe in you! 😀

  3. April 4, 2012 2:23 AM

    My bucket list would more match Mr. Goddards. Since I was young I have had the desire to explore; peruse ancient libraries and structures in the pursuit of knowledge. Yes… I dream to be Indiana Jones (or Fox Mulder… but thats a weird one). But hey! I figure working towards being a journalist is a good start.

    • April 5, 2012 7:43 PM

      Being a journalist is the best of poosible starts, and it also gives you the opportunity to talk to people and not just mummies/ancient artifacts 😛 And can I just say Indiana Jones is one of my top 10 movies of all time??! When I was a toddler I would watch it, enthralled, and then hum the theme song whenever I was doing something particularly “adventurous” 😀

      • April 6, 2012 12:31 AM

        Good Lord I want my life to be like that! haha I can think of nothing better than hunting for lost secrets and knowledge. As soon as I am able to I am going to curl up in an old library in Italy and just go to town reading old books. Whatever I can to to take that course of life I will do it haha. And ya I figured being a Journalist was a really good start 🙂

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