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A Whole New “Letter”

September 15, 2012

A Single Letter will be turning a year old this October!

(And yes, I’m quite aware that it’s still only September).

When I started blogging last fall, I had a very basic aim: write about things worth reading in an intelligent way. I didn’t want to create a cutesy, egocentrical blog where I blogged about cupckake recipes (although I like them), or posted endless travel photos with no cultural commentary (perhaps my biggest WordPress pet peeve, reinforced on a daily basis) or wrote about my daily life like many stay-at-home mommies do–no one cares, unless you’re, say, Hillary Clinton or Rihanna or a scientist trekking through Africa to find a new monkey species.

In the year since I started blogging–it’s fitting that I started in October, as I usually start ‘years’ in September; I can’t help it, school is forever ingrained on me and my life has now been divided into “Pre-France” and “Post-France,” when everything changed forever–my life has been alternately boring and exciting. Last fall I was living with my parents in the Hamptons, working very part-time and awaiting my husband’s greencard; therefore I had copious amount of time to blog. Now I am living in New York City and working, and although my job is still very uneventful, dull and not at all what I went to college for, areyoukiddingme I also manage my two other WordPress blogs, plus translate for Watching America, plus am currently helping out with the Women LEAD blog on WordPress (check it out; I’ll post about this great organization soon).

Therefore, as my workload has increased, I found myself blogging on A Single Letter less, and I grew kind of frustrated with the format, which was basically to pick a world news event or subject and write a op-ed/paper-ish piece on it. I realized that my blog was kind of haphazard: there were posts on everything from protests to iphones to immigration and Barcelona. I also felt that, since blogs are supposed to be a little bit less serious and personal, that A Single Letter was missing something crucial, something that I absolutely adore in op-ed/editorial pieces from magazines like Time and Newsweek: it was missing satire, humour and biting sarcasm, of which I am actually kind of good at!

I decided thus to write this post now rather than in October as I am “relaunching” the style of A Single Letter. My last two posts were more of an example of what I am going for: less-serious but still intelligent posts detailing important and/or interesting topics. My goal is to start posting once a week and the format will be as such: The “Penseive Days” where I present a roundup of the weeks most interesting/biggest people/places/things/ideas/events, and “Presenting Pays” posts (pays being the French word for country) where I give my feedback on a country that has been majorly in the news, all with a more snarky line of commenting (because, honestly, don’t we all need a release from the seriousness of life? Sometimes I feel that I make life too serious when it shouldn’t be). I will also, on occasion, have an editorial article for things like travel photos (expect the next post to be one on my lovely hometown of Sag Harbor and it’s annual Harbor Fest).

All in all, I think I’ve said enough, let the blogging commence! And enjoy, while you’re at it, this very amusant cartoon concerning France’s HADOPI (anti-illegal-downloading) law.

Comments? Advice for my blog? Dis-moi!

“You’re going to pay 150 Euros!” “150 Euros…that’s it?” “150 Euros! And don’t do it anymore!” Hadopi cartoon. Sourced from Le



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