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Wondering Wednesdays: 8/29

August 29, 2012
What does one wonder about on Wednesdays? Huge apartments, naked royals, mangled paintings and much more!

a person: Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue.

Teodoro Mangue standing outside 42 Avenue Koch. Sourced from

Most Americans would be scratching their heads, asking  Teodoro who? but to the French Mr. Mangue is part of a developping international scandal involving his father, Equatorial Guinea’s President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. French lawyers and Equatorial African diaspora living abroad have filed suit against the President Mbsaogo as well as the presidents of the Congo and Gabon, for “embezzling state money to buy properties in France illegally,” according to a New York Times article, and Mbsaogo’s son is included in the suit: there’s now a warrant out for his arrest in France, which means he won’t be paying the country a visit anytime soon, not that he would want to, given that his 101-room mansion on Paris’ tony Avenue Foch has been seized by the state, along with his 11 luxury cars and wine collection. The fact that a single person owns a property that big is kind of disgusting, given the poverty in this world, and it’s rendered even more disgusting when you figure in that Mangue and family basically stole money out of the Equatorial Guinean’s pockets to afford such magnificent luxury. My question is: who’s going to be selling that apartment, and who does the money go to? My solution: sell it, and give the money back to the people of Equatorial Guinea!

a place: Florida.

Florida’s all up in the news this week. Hurricane Isaac (listing towards Louisiana, but still threatening to Florida anyways) is looming, and those who aren’t weather-watchers are focused on the state for one huge, red reason: the Republican National Convention. Mitt Romney was finally-finally-elected for the Republican nominee for the 2012 presidential elections. Great for him (though not great for America if he wins; if you have valid support for him, I’ll listen).

The “Ecce Homo” fresco, before and after mugshots. Sourced from

a thing: A botched painting.

The ruination of a Jesus fresco in a Spanish church caused an international outrage this past week, and it’s all thanks to the perpetrator, one old parishioner named Cecilia Gimenez. Attempting to restore the 120-year old fresco herself, she made Jesus look like….well, not Jesus. As much as I love antiques, the fact that this became world news just goes to show how people care about such silly, inconsequential matters when there are way bigger problems out there. The fact that the painting wasn’t even hanging in a museum with maximum tourist traffic, and that it wasn’t even well-known, makes the attention according the Jury-rigged Jesus even more dumbfounding. It kind of makes one question what would happen if someone spilled paint, for example, on the Mona Lisa.

a happening: The Shootout outside the Empire State Building.

Last week the Empire State building was featured on this blog for it’s spectacular white and green lights in honor of Islam’s Eid al-fitr celebration. This week the ESB was the scene of a less-than-peaceful event: an ex-employee ($T$%#$%) walked up and shot his former coworker. The truly unfathomable part of this story is that, before the police managed to take down the shooter, they also managed to shoot and wound nine other people. When the shooter was a measly eight feet away from them. I’m grateful for the police for keeping crime at bay in New York, but this is unbelievable. One, how can our policeforce be such poor marksmen? And, furthermore, can someone please send them to target practice so a) they can improve and b) they can let out some frustration? Because NYPD are obviously quite trigger-happy (they managed to shoot dead a man wielding a knife right on 37th street and 7th avenue, which just happens to be, oh, about where I work, a few weeks back). What happened to “taking prisoners?”

an idea: ‘Political spouses should be taken with a grain of salt.’

Mitt Romney was, as I already mentioned, elected the Republican’s presidential candidate.  However, I’m not quite sure why everyone is suddenly quoting his wife, Ann, right and left as though it’s she who got nominated. What’s this sudden idea that voting for a candidate means voting for the candidate’s spouse, too? Is this a tag-team effort? Maybe presidential tickets should have spouses as the running veep mate? France’s Le Monde ran an article titled “Ann, le meilleur atout de Mitt Romney” or “Ann, Mitt Romney’s Best Advantage.” I know a wife (or husband) is a great support system, but really, when she says that her marriage wasn’t  a  “contes de fées ? Non, pas du tout,” (not a fairytale) we can beleive her, but how are we supposed to believe every positive thing she says? Of course she’s going to endorse her husband and reveal him to be an Adonis: he’s her husband! And, I’m sorry, but the woman never worked, let alone was in a leadership position; is she qualified to know what makes a good president? Verdict: presidential-elect spouses and potential spouses: be quiet and let your significant other do the talking!

a quote/word: ‘Everybody Knows Better Than to Party Naked in a Room Full of Strangers’ -ABC News public relations consultant Howard Bragman

Prince Harry of England parties in Vegas. To hijack that overused cliche, what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas when Harry decides to show off his bod and strip for a hotel room full of classless American bimbos (wasn’t it good enough that you got to see him naked? Why did you have to share the moment with your friends who obviously posted it to every tabloid? Why not savor their intense jealousy of not getting to know what he looked like in the buff?) What’s noteworthy in this situation actually has nothing to do with the Prince. First off, the fact that he–a 27 year old man–has “handlers” which are supposed to, among other things, protect his reputation, is just plain….scary. Is he a doll or a human being? Maybe it’s time we got a little bit of reality in this world of fake reality TV et al. The second disturbing fact is that Americans care so much about his nude prancing. A nude man? Like we all haven’t seen that before?





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