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Bringing out the Guns, Or Why Gun Ownership Should Be Stopped

April 3, 2012

Second amendment be damned: I don’t believe people should have the right to bear arms in the United States of America. Nor do I beleive that they should have that right anywhere else in the world.

We have the Trayvon Martin case, which I discussed in my last post, which actually took about a month to be firmly planted in America’s spotlight (strange, considering how much the tabloid media enjoy exploiting race and murder). We have the case of Mohamed Merah and the 7 people he shot and killed in Toulouse,  France, an event that shocked a nation for both it’s callous, deliberate violence as for it’s racial and religious motivations. And now, just of Monday, April 2nd, we have a shooting spree in a Christian college in California that has also left 7 people dead.

These three headlining cases only happened within the span of little more than a month, along with countless other violent crimes and deaths throughout the country, throughout the world! We have a case of gross miscarriage used against a mere kid; a case where a terrorist decides to execute people-among them, again, mere children-due to their ethnic backgrounds. We have a case of an apparently disgruntled former student taking out his frustration, anger, and crazyed psyche on a classroom of innocent people. And despite the fact that these events seem to occur too often enough to make it comfortable, lawmakers uphold the right for people to buy personal weapons.

It’s kind of like the “one kid does something wrong, so everyone gets punished” sort of routine that would often happen in elementary school settings, where one troublemaker would ruin something for everyone.

Being able to own a gun should technically be a freedom, not a luxury: after all, there are countless people who only use guns, like shotguns, to go game hunting. And people should be allowed to own guns in order to protect themselves against and intruder, a rapist, a murderer. But, alas, all mankind cannot be expected to act rationally, and that is why we have so many guns being used in the wrong way, and thus horrible events such as the three mentioned above continue to happen.
Thus, for the sake of those who do not stalk around with a gun at their side, aiming to do harm, guns should be outlawed. While that type of legislation could possibly have hope in being passed in a country, say, in Europe, where violence is not so commonplace but in America, a place where people seem to have a fond attachment to their weaponry, it probably would have no legs. This is dissapointing.
One of the opposition’s many arguments would likely be that the ‘bad guys’ would always find a way to obtain guns, and then how could an ordinary citizen ever hope to protect them-self, but in all seriousness, how many times has a personal gun actually been sucessfully used in order to prevent a homicide, abuse or rape, arguably the only three reasons to ever shoot a gun on somebody? (I don’t care if someone was trying to steal your possessions; if they didn’t lay a finger on you, you shouldn’t pull the trigger). Perhaps someone should compile a list of such incidents where the use of a personal gun was sucessfully used in self-defense, in order to more accurately judge the justification for the right to bear arms. But in this list, would one possibly find Trayvon Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, who is insisting on self-defense in one of the most pathetic self-defense casees ever (if it even is that?) George Zimmerman certainly used excessive force while he was trying to play cop.
Mohamed Merah, the 23-year old shooter in France who killed three French soldiers of North African origin and then three small children and a rabbi at a Jewish school, maintained his own mini-arsenal in his Toulouse apartment. Although I’m not sure how he acquired his own personal gun store, it certainly speaks ill of the French government that they were actually surveying a guy like this and didn’t notice (or did nothing about) his gun collection, which included, to quote the Huffington Post (link below), “an automatic Sten pistol, a revolver, a pump-action rifle and an Uzi submachine gun” along with Molotov cocktail ingredients and a .45 Colt. Just when, exactly, did they think would be the appropriate time to move in on someone like him? Or did they think he was collecting high-caliber guns like Uzis the same way one collects stamps?
Although not much has been reported yet about the shooting at Oikos, a South Korean Christian college in Oakland, California, school shootings have become a tragic reality since the days of the Columbine shooting. The victims in these cases were young citizens who woke up those fatal mornings expecting the day to be nothing short of ordinary; as American citizens, they woke up believing that they’d go about their day safe and secure, knowing that they live in a country like America where it was safe to take a walk down the street, whether you were male or female; where in some places it’s perfectly safe to leave your house or even your car unlocked. And yet this supposedly ‘civil’ society that we live in spawned madmen who expressed their anger and crazed minds to the world via guns and bullets.
It is a strange sort of phenomena, the one where a great and mighty country like America expresses brutal and senseless killings such as classroom shootings, and a perceived “Developing World” country does not. Certainly, many developping countries have a high magnitude of violent crime and murder, but it is usually the result of drug wars or wars between conflicting political parties (as one sees in many African countries), not a perhaps otherwise ‘normal’ acting person who decides to take out their personal rage or demons on completely innocent and unrelated people.
Outlawing guns in the United States would probably never happen. So, for the sake of compromise, I would at least insist that the gun laws in this country be more strictly enforced, and a crackdown occur on illegal gun trade. There is no good excuse why dangerous gangs, zealots and just plain dangerous people should be allowed to so easily have access to a gun. Family-friendly places like Walmart should most definitely stop selling guns (the thought of walking into a Walmart alone makes me shudder; the thought of walking into a Walmart that carries guns is just unbelievable). After all, why are we not taking preventative measures to ensure people’s safety? Do we not want a cure to this social maladie?


1. Deaths in US college shooting,



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  1. April 3, 2012 10:30 PM

    Thought provoking post as usual, thank you sooo much for sharing. Wow, makes me really happy to be in Canada. 😀 Maybe what we need is bullet proof vests to be sold to regular patrons to protect themselves from such bandits. Oy!


    • April 5, 2012 7:44 PM

      I’m not sure if Canada ever has such random shootings, but yeah, that’s pretty sad that regular citizens should wear bullet proof vests to protect themselves on an ordinary day 😦 There’s too much hate and too much violence….

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