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S-L-M: Peace comes with Education

October 17, 2011

As I scroll through news websites, my hands start to itch at the idea of posting about something Middle-East related, which I was planning on regulating solely to the very first blog I had ever created,

Alas, I find that the blogging format for is much easier, understandable and accessible than that of Google’s blogger, which I believe is one of the reasons that I’ve been put off at the idea of posting on my first blog. That being said, and I have created a new blog, solely for Middle Eastern affairs and happenings:

The new title is actually S-L-M: Peace,  a play on the 3 consonants in Arabic which mean ‘peace’ (these are the same consonants that one finds in the words ‘Islam’ and ‘Salam.’ The new blog, unlike my old one on Blogger, will be much more streamlined (no term-paper-style articles!) and thus I can post away about the Arab world.

Not that I am forgetting about this blog–not at all! Coming up: an article on protests: are they always good?

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