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Welcome/Bienvenue/Wilkommen/Bienvenido/Salam alaykum

October 12, 2011
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As the title more than aptly suggests, I would like to welcome everybody to my new blog. This is not a one-focus blog: I tend to write about a variety of subjects, as there is little that does not interest me. From protests in the USA (#occupywall street!) to international relations (USA cutting all ties with Iran?!) to the technology that is shaping everybody’s lives (view my first post after this, about the ipod 4s) no stone will go unturned.

The title of this blog, asingleletter, comes from a non-rhyming couplet that I wrote one day, with the intention of turning it into a full-length poem. The vision is such: a single letter is loaded with infinite potential. A single letter can be a word–as in “I” or “a.” A single letter can become part of a word, a word which can change everything. Words are our lives: words are the very essence of human life. Human’s think, but it is with our words that we communicate and can do the extraordianry. One word can bring great change, even when it is joined with many other words. And they all start with a single letter.

-LaReine Mem

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